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Wednesday, September 04, 2019 1:45:52 AM
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Wednesday, September 04, 2019 1:48:31 AM
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Seventh song off of Elmer & The Ceramic Trees' fourth album, Isolation Masquerade.

Copyright 2019. Written, performed, and produced by Robbie Haas.

Don't say there's nothing here to miss
When the cause of my breath
Is left to dangle by a sigh
When I'm wading through the warmth of an impossible sea
Toward an island bathed in fire

Phone me up at midnight from some crater on the west coast
I'd tell you all the details but I'd rather not impose
Besides all the places we've ever been are only scenes in the movies.

But you can lay it all
You can lay it all on me.

Nothing's quite so perfect
As the lonely shadow play of night
When there's no use, love, in keeping the things
That hurt you bottled up inside.

So you can lay it all
You can lay it all on me.

Some nights the planets that we see
Through the glass of the sky
Feel less alien than Earth
So can we lead our secret lives upon the surface of Mars
When the fear hangs like a curse?

And if there's nothing we can do
About the distance that we can't change
We can hold out hope that all the cities rearrange
Or we can take the good shit with the bad
And just hold on for a someday.

So you can lay it all
You can lay it all on me.

And I saw you in a vision
From the far side of the moon
And you filled my nights with oceans
The turned to deserts way too soon.

You can lay it all
You can lay it all on me.
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