Dick AvenGlorious Flashes Of Light
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Sunday, November 24, 2019 11:08:06 PM
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Tuesday, December 03, 2019 4:33:41 AM
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Recorded by DA
mixed by DA and Brian Hardin
mastered by Brian Hardin

All instruments played by DA;
vocals, baritone uke, cajon, shaker, Akai Electric Wind Instrument (bass)

When we eloped the stars were out in the day
how could we let ourselves forget the way they fell
among the most glorious flashes of light

hearing you say everyone's home everyone's safe
venturing into the unknown territory
among the most glorious flashes of light

now it's over I don't
I don't wanna go
now it's over and I don't
I don't wanna go
among the most glorious flashes
glorious flashes of light
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh....
I don't wanna go

Song Comments

One of IMPs (iacmusics) top performers and songcrafters Dick Aven brings his magic to us again, long time since we have heard from him, and so glad to have Dick bring his works to entertain us with Glorious Flashes of Light. Dig the ukulele with a touch of delay and that big fat bass growling back there holding it together with well appointed percussion Solid vocals and done in such an intriguing and mysterious way. I think Dick has elevated his singing reaching places I have not heard him attain in the past, always a good singer yet on this one he brings it with panache and style. Amazing production values, great song, well delivered. bt

Now We're REALLY Streamin'
mr. aven's back, a notable presence in the site's glory days, and this song rocks with an alternating current, yearning, that rises to the pitch of a yelp, and a jazzy insouciance, seamless song-crafting, soulful, intuitive, passionate, GREAT, cheers...the vocal rises to a stirring level, with tasty bvs also...innocence/experience, an astral, atmospheric romp...

Brilliant songcrafting, a Sparkling track with an effervescence tasteful presentation, heartfelt vocals laced with well appointed musical proficiency. Dick Aven displays his expertise on the Ukulele and numerous other instruments, a multi-faceted music aficionado who has mastered many styles of genre, from jazz to americana and much more. Dick lays down a stellar performance worthy of a Featured Song acknowledgement

a soulful, evocative song, passionate, exploratory, with jazzy chord changes, and a vocal that will knock your socks off, also gotta love the perculatin' bass, the falsetto parts and bvs, quality production all around, and the thot-provokin' lyrics, resonates...

Desperado Revue 2020 GK Contenders
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

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