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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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WHATEVER IT TAKES - An Explosive Rock Anthem With Compelling Vocals & Powerful Musicianship. Igniting A Wicked Inspirational March For All Performers That To Be Unforgettable You Have To Believe You Are Inevitable. Dream Big ... and then DREAM BIGGER

Lyrics: Joan Minnery, Anne Minnery, Bob Minnery
Music: Bill Minnery, Joan Minnery, Bob Minnery, Anne Minnery
Arrangement: SIVLE
Joan Minnery: Vocals
Bill Minnery: Lead Guitar & Bass
Bob Minnery: Rhythm Acoustic
Brad Bridges: Drums

Gripping vocals, shredding musicianship and optimistic impelling lyrics are the meat and potatoes of SIVLE’s debut effort, Whatever It Takes. SIVLE’s percussive rock anthem is capable of taking listeners to another place while creating a marching crescendo that echoes music is good for the soul.
Whatever It Takes is as pure and emotional as it gets.

With thick layers of instrumentation and a tender ear for sophisticated pop poignancy; SIVLE combines the trademark powerful in-your-face pipes of lead singer Joan Minnery and the mastery of aficionados Bill Minnery on guitar, Brad Bridges on drums and bigEZbob on rhythm. This band has always been known for their live show but they’ve crafted a tightly produced, catchy hook-laden rock ballad appealing to indie, folk, and pop fans alike.

From start – finish Whatever It Takes explosive rock anthem punches into the ears and ignites the heart to believe in yourself … dream big - and then DREAM BIGGER!!! If you want to be unforgettable, you have to believe you’re inevitable. Make them talk about you before you go, do it loud, do it proud Whatever It Takes!
Hi Ya Babe, come on in. How ya doin', how ya been?
We're rockin' it out, more give than take
Doin' our best Whatever It Takes

Put your glad rags on and Give them a show
Make them talk about you before you go
Do it LOUD Do It PROUD - Whatever It Takes!

Time’s too short on this 3rd rock
There’s no retakes, Give it all ya got
Live unforgettable - Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes

Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Who
Metallica, the Hip, Stompin Tom Too.
Trumpets, Tuba, Horns and the drum
Funking it up until that song comes.
Swinging and singing tunes in the air
Rolling our bones on the crossroads we bear
Hope someone’s listening Even the chair.
Fighting and writing until the song breaks
Strumming and Drumming…

Whatever it takes I’m here for you.
Whatever it takes it’s all I can do.
Whatever it takes I`ll stand on this stage
till the last song is played x
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