Verity KeenSpeaking for Sophia
Alternative GothHyperLink
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020 12:18:08 PM
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020 12:32:09 PM


Undulating melody with BVs - medium beat with 'Gothic Organ' backing

Sometimes a 'Muse' has to find you!
I come from another place, I come from another time
I need you to help me to express my thoughts and my innermost emotions
Listen carefully to me

I come from another World, I come from a new dimension
I want you to write the things I feel
My message is of love and declarations - listen carefully to me

I am the spirit of Sophia, the spirit of Sophia
I manifest myself before you, hear my plight
You are the vessel of my passion, the vessel of my passion
I'm giving you a muse, use it right
(Verse again but led by chorus)

I'm locked in a World beyond, I'm locked in a land unknown
My soul is alive and full of words and tunes that no-one ever heard
Who will speak for me ?

I look for a way to speak, I look for communication
I need an interpreter to live for me, vicariously
I'll be your muse, use me carefully
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