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Saturday, March 21, 2020 11:53:54 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Cup 'A Tea
Desperado Revue
Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 1st Wave


Six Degrees of Separation is an updated version from the album Circle Lore that I wrote several years ago using a crayon keyboard and a colored pencil microphone recorded in the world's definitely not the greatest rug room.

Blue Microphone, Yamaha keyboard, Cubase, and Mark Holman. . . .

I always liked to see and hear tap dancers for some reason, maybe the artistry, rhythm, or something else. The keyboard has this sort of background stuff I could use to make my one and only tap dancing song, Six Degrees of Separation.
Song Comments

Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 1st Wave
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Dance

Cup 'A Tea
what a delightful song, with the big band clarinet and waltz-like rhythms, mysterioso and enigmatic vibe, echoes of Leonard Cohen mayhaps, intoning the muzzle pieces in his growly/charmin' way, that seems to touch on mysteries beyond our ken, a fun song...

a creative song, the ballroom clarinet, and strings, the clop clop percussion, kinda cowboy, and the grand humor and confidences, in the American grain, with the theme of connections, relationship ships, sailing, passing in the night...

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