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Friday, July 31, 2020 12:44:09 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Mighty 21st Century Desperado
Desperado Tornado Blues
Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
Choice mix
2020 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees


Bluesy Americana

Written and performed by Brian P Deignan ©2020
Remix and Mastered by Vin Aversa at
Shoestring Studios W. Hempstead NY

The girl you wished you'd avoided
Friday night, a Winter storm
pulled into this inn to try and get warm
she walked right up, sat right down
said "you can get me another round"
so I took a trip to the great unknown
completely unaware
of Jezebel Jones

Gather round and I'll tell the tale
With a higher bid
her love's for sale
a real first class cold heartbreaker
if you're a giver she's a taker
so many things I could have changed
If I'd only known
'bout Jezebel Jones

She was five foot six
one fifteen
and all of it where it ought a be
Raven hair
eyes of green
but something there that I could not see

For her they'll always be a guy
with a nicer car that'll catch her eye
and when you're at bat she'll gaze in your eyes
then she'll get gone without a goodbye
but no young man ever made his bones
and did not rue the tale
of Jezebel Jones
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Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Blues

Choice mix
slow bluesy number

2020 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees

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