Starcina'Fly Away'
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Friday, September 11, 2020 3:41:56 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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a new beginning
Black Bull Desperado
Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 3rd Wave


Flat Out Power rock song in concert

Written, Produced & Arranged by Steve Sossin for SMG Studio
Co-Produced by Nick Stargu Sr. & Frank DeChichio of SMG.
Additional arrangements by: Nick & Frank

All Keyboards ( Synth, B-3 ) by Nick Stargu Sr.
Strings and Orchestrations by Nick Stargu Sr.
All percussion/drums by Frank DeChichio
Guitars, Bass & Vocals by: S. Sossin

Two people living in the same town have never 'fit in' and one says to the other they 'see' the pain that person feels that they too feel and suggest they both leave to find a happier place- even if it's just the two of them.
I saw the sadness… and the tears within your eye’s..
I know it hurt you… but I saw through your disguise..
You know I’m like you… I just never did belong..

Let’s run away… to some place where….
There’s laughter, peace & such good times to share..
If we both just had something to make us stay…
If we both just had some wings to get away…
If we both could hold on tightly for a day..
Maybe we could get some wings & fly away…
(Guitar and violin solo)
Fly away… from the troubles and the pains..
Fly away…if we stay there’s nothing gained..
Fly away… hold on tight & you will see….
Fly Away…… Just let your wings fly free___
Fly away ( Fly Away________)
Fly away ( Fly Away________)
Fly away (Fly Away___________)
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Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 3rd Wave
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Rock

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