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Wednesday, November 11, 2020 12:05:13 AM
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Written and performed by Brian P Deignan 2020

Story of two kids who grow up very differently
Runnin’ With the Gang
By Brian P Deignan
Boys of eight all innocence and youth
Fantasyland’s a million miles from the truth
Seems we’d do anything, anything for fun
Cops and robbers make believe bullets, plastic guns
Tra la la la we sang
Fifteen years old children of the streets
Walkin’ a fine line where fun and crime meet
Saw Billy graduate to stealing cars
Spending money, chasing women, hanging out in bars
Tra la la la he sang, runnin’ with the gang
Seems like he stayed sixteen when I turned twenty one
Bigger money, faster women, faster cars
And a shootout at a liquor store late one night
Black and whites, flashing lights, they read him his rights
Didn’t do it he sang, I was just runnin’ with gang
Said he wasn’t supposed to be there when it all went down
Got talked into it by two out of town clowns
But in the street a body lay
His lawyer told the press he’s got nothin’ nothin’ nothin’ to say
Convicted of murder in the commission of a felony
His mother’s sobs a heartbreaking melody
And when I see kids playing I think of him then
And remember a time, a time when
Tra la la la we sang, tra la la la we sang, tra la la la we sang
Runnin’ with the Gang
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youthful adventures, well played guitar, good storytellin', kudos...

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