James Stanley HowenI Had It In For Him (tongue in cheek humor)
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
YARN Radio Desperado


Adult tongue in cheek! When somebody is in the way of your 8 second happy ride!

Written by Harry Hamm and James Stanley Howen - Copyright 2007 Original Music BMI

Jimmy Howen - lead vocal - acoustic guitar - bass guitar
Donny Dietsche - backing vocal - drums
Cadillac Pete Rahn - harmonica
Country Bobby Rosek - lead guitar

Produced by James Stanley Howen

Lyrics written by Harry Hamm while he was watching Larry The Cable Guy on cable TV. Jimmy Howen provided the tune and music. Vocals bynJimmy Howen and Donny Dietsche
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
Contender for 2021 GK nomination - Comedy

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