Lyle HoldahlWhen They Return To Mars
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Sunday, April 11, 2021 5:33:03 PM
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Sunday, April 11, 2021 5:40:11 PM
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Outside the Window
Attack of the Killer Strawberry Donuts


Classical rock

song, lyrics and instruments by Holdahl

The creatures of Earth can no longer tolerate the chaos, stench and violence of the humans so they call upon the super-nature to convince the humans that they came from Mars and that they really want to return as soon as possible...

When They Return To Mars

we hear their footsteps from a hundred miles away now
it sends a chill through the air
it sends us running to the oldest caves and burrows
they're rarely finding us there

we've had enough of their chaos, stench and violence
today's the day that it ends
we call upon the phantom of Deep River
we call upon The Ancient Wind

danger denied
blind to storied truth
where no other is shining
drowning in loneliness

answer delight
see through ringing lies
where no other is shining
swimming in happiness

come quick! They're making a ship!
I heard them talking and they're moving away
they're moving far away
and it takes a long time to get there!
they may never come back here again!
it's a good day! It's the greatest of days!
I can't wait to miss them

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

clouds rise upwards
flames shooting downward
thunder all around
so easy to see
the human ship in sunshine
leaving the sacred ground
we always will call home
we did it!
regained our homeland!
when they return to mars
when they return to mars
when they return to mars
when they return to mars
Song Comments

Outside the Window
a charmin' intro, symphonic and beckoning, to an otherworldly sphere, where music flowers naturally, apart from the destructive forces, out in the atmosphere now, elements of a classical (Bachian) vibe, and post-modern sci-fi drama and theater, kudos...

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