Grand JuryStay with me,Lorenzo!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2021 11:31:44 AM
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Wednesday, August 25, 2021 4:06:47 PM
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
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About non-functional relationship.

Music: Juri and Erik Rosenfeld (Fin),Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair (UK),Vocals by Amy Caldwell (Can),Mix-mast by Grand Jury

Stay with me,Lorenzo!
Used to make friends so easily
Sadly though, none of them were loyal
Then I met you Lorenzo
Right away I knew you were a keeper

Every minute spent together was heaven…Oh yeah
Now you’re saying goodbye – what’s that all about?

Stay with me, stay with me Lorenzo
Stay with me, don’t leave me on my own
Every day seems longer than forever
Then every night, I’m crying all alone

Something happened I didn’t see
Did I hurt you without my intention?
I was joking, Lorenzo
Suddenly, your smile turned into stone

All the love and laughter followed you -ooo
Here I stand, not knowing what to do

Come back soon, back to me Lorenzo
Stand by me, you know I’m missing you
Every day you’re gone I feel more sorry
Drooping like a flower without its dew

Let me try to make it up to you….ooo
I’ll stop acting silly, if you want me to

Come back here, home to me Lorenzo
I can’t live another day like this
You must feel the same when you remember
Our electrifying every kiss

Change your mind, come back please Lorenzo
Don’t you know, my heart aches worse each day
I’m not strong without you here, Lorenzo
Come back soon; I’m begging you please stay
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
Contender for 2021 GK nomination - Pop

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