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Thursday, February 17, 2005 6:23:51 PM
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Thursday, February 17, 2005 6:25:40 PM
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From the album "The Spiral Eyes"

Peter Adams - Everything

The smoother ride is worth the price
Grass and dirt eat up the tires
For me it's a matter of function
Never mind the way it looks
I go by the books

Beige and tan support the plan,
Rising high to please the eye
Saving lots of money
Stick the poor in boxes of gray

Drive downtown without seeing land,
It says to me the glory of man
My my my we are the species
My my my to rule to earth!
Far and wide we're paving everything
Pretty soon we'll pave the stars

We can turn mars into a parking lot
Cover up the sun, it's way too hot
Song Comments

Bubbling Up
A hugely successful star player at his last club(Garageband Utd)..For some reason unable to find favour with the manager/directors and left languishing on the subs bench since his 15 million pound transfer to I.A.C..The supporters arn't happy about this tho-and when he can offer such exquisite high quality performances as 'Cementalisque'-you can understand why..

Jim Morrison wouldve loved these songs
gothic brown

Great vibed,very distinctive indie song with loads of natural space..Gotta love that violin too..

Indie Extravaganza
Peter's classical training comes through on this one, with an arabesque melody and chords. His violin (yes, a real violin) weaves through the melody to find the perfect supporting line.

The Good Stuff 4U
"Violin-soaked punk folk rock"? That grabbed my attention! This is a really, really cool song! Somewhere between The Arcade Fire and Andrew Bird... with obvious command of classical harmonic theory and an intuitive sense of melody and perhaps, even more importantly drama. I am looking forward to hearing more of what this guy has to offer.

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