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Monday, January 30, 2006 5:52:16 AM
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Monday, January 30, 2006 5:59:27 AM
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I always thought that I’d live by the sea & watch the waves from my verandah
But the closest that it seems I’ll ever be is seeing surf on my screen saver

I want a lover in the category of happy ever after
They’ll think the world of me, but they will just have to be into girls, guitars and laughter

And the only way to make them real
Is to keep ‘em nice and close and let it go

I’m having trouble with my job today ‘cause my head is in the sand
Obligations that I must fulfill before my dreams become my plans

There’s been some worries, there’s been some doubts
One thing I have learned is to let it out & let it go

Figure out what matters most - hold it tight and then let it go

I know one day I’ll live by the sea with my best friend beside me
But for now I am content to be believing.

Let it go…. I’ve got no worries got no doubts
One thing I have learned is to let it out and let it go

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eYe 2
stellar vocals, nice guitar pickin. easy going intro and fine bgs and support. gets rocking and happening after about a minute of listening, great lyrics fine storyline and sweet synth touches for effect

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