Maria DainesHeartshaped Blues
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 3:21:10 AM
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 2:47:22 AM
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Song for the night...

(c) Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All rights reserved (mcps) ASCAP

Writing's on the wall,
This day has come too soon,
I can only fall,
In this heartshaped room,
Heartshaped blues,
You give me heartshaped blues.

Colour's left your eyes,
Still sweeter in the grey,
Tears fall from the skies,
If I could only pray,
With these heartshaped memories,
They keep on breakin' free,
And I can only cry,
Til you're back here with me.


Someone said about you,
You'd only push on through,
But I didn't hear a word,
Now I got all the time in the world,
And these heartshaped blues.



So you come n' gone,
Can't you feel the pain?
Everything is wrong,
And I guess I'm gonna pay,
In these sad old eyes of mine,
Too much love is on the loose,
Can't you give me time,
Not these heartshaped blues,
Heartshaped memories,
Keep on breakin' free,
I can only cry,
Til you're back here with me...


Song Comments

IAIA 2007 Golden Kayak Nominees

Toms Blooze
She's the real deal.

WalknRoll USA
Great Voice and Feel...Wow!!!

great acts
I wonder if Maria is still doing music?

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