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Friday, March 18, 2005 10:21:04 PM
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 1:29:19 AM
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With FIENDS like You! Recor-dead(dead cos it ain't live, heh) by Jonny and Javier with David G'Nestor at Dave Nestor's studio in El Cojones CA in 1997. This was the first song ever uploaded by SOCIAL SPIT - To the Original Michael Robertson in late 1997, Social Spit was the 512th band to join that, and this song was in their charts for about a year until nosed out by Power Pyuke bands mislabelling them selves "PUNK".

W/M: weAponX

Written during a gap of communication between Cliff and I. MAYBE it was written about him, but it's basically about our FIENDS, people we know who take liberties with FIENDship, ya know, take advantage of the fact that you are FIENDS and to shitty shit to you - Cliff never did shitty shit to us, more like I did shitty shit to Cliff. There would be NO Spit without the guy, we love him.

There was a time, when it was just Jonny, Javier and Dave Nestor, we played three shows in 1997-8 just the three of us, it was NOTHING without Cliff - But we assembled at Dave Nestor's 16 track studio and recorded several tracks on his Fostex B-16 1/2" Reel to Reel Deck, so songs from this session were the last time ever that Social Spit ever recorded in Analog. But around that time, we bought a Gadgetlabs WAVE 8/24 which was an 8-in, 24-bit interface which allowed us to record multiple tracks with Cool Edit onto a computer. We used THAT to mix these songs digitally, and used Sound Forge to master the songs.

Jonny Vee plays all guitars and Bass and does all the vocals, Javier Vega on Drums, Dave Nestor engineered this piece which we think is one of the best recordings of Spit ever done. So this song is a little bit of a LOT of history.
Who gives a rat's arse what the Lyrix are? Shaddap! x
Song Comments

Binky's Reviews
Song almost as angry as I am. No one supposed to be angry as I am. I am Binky! Hear me roar!

This is totally offensive. I love it!

Seizeure Radio
This is a minute. Its brilliant. . .no its shit again..oh crap. Its like fucking sour wine gums with extra confusion. its like eating your own brain and finding out that it tastes like rotten leeches and then finding out that you liked the taste of rotten leeches all along....yeah..thats what it's like

Old MP3ers Never Die
Funky, chunky and punky.. you wankers! It's punk fun.

Apocalypse Radio
Welcome to the Apocalypse! -M-

Wooden Monkey Radio
Fantastic, raw guitars with excellent hooks... great sound.

All About Rock 2
Killer meandering lead and chopping riffs. Matching vocals and melody. Sure to get you rocking. Lyrically, this is what the `Sex Pistols' would sing and approve of

Apocalypse Radio
well... COME!!! The Apocalypse! =M=

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