Steve AprilThe Wonderer
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Reached #1 on IAC genre alt retro psychedelic, top 50 over a year. surreal millenium trip with roots in the blues...(on over 30 iac stations)...

lyrics and music by steve april
lead guitar, keys mark stein (thanks mark!!)

The Wonderer

bob dylan lee ann rhymes drinkin' wine on the cross of time, bigfoot barbarella sci fi cinderella, tears idle tears but faith grows through the years serenity even to fumble devotion when many stumble in another time and place love's body state of grace the oval office face to face.
electricity leaps from madonna's face a cougar's magnetic grace electricity purrs in madonna's face oh magic kingdom place in another time and place love's body state of grace love's body state of grace the wave of hair a different face...
singing 'here's a soul invitation my part is inspiration may your spirit follow me in time dance to the music drink the wine yeah yeah a nickel and dime nickel and dime nickel and dime.' sound the bells of rimney the missing iron chime sound the bells of rimney oh in the fullness of time in another time and place love's body state of grace in another time and place love's body state of grace. (LONG OUTRO) x
Song Comments

Just wandering around and came across this 'beast'. So, I slew it and took the flesh home with me. And here it sits! -M-

This is a wonderful Rock tune that takes chances with Fun and word-play prose behind solid but loose rhytms and has a fresh courage to pursue it till the end..and sometimes it winds up like this tune, a keeper, a gem.

Sense of Wonder
Nice tune.

Sense of Wonder

Magical Musical Tour
it rocks !!!

The little station that could.
An eclectic song for sure!

The Stage
This song reminds me of a phycedelic Bob Dylan.Good guitar playing. Good job Steve

Internal Affairs
Electric indie artist Steve April, shows a bit of the Beatle, Bach influences that are part of his regiment of Internal Affairs here in this dynamic tune he calls ... "The Wonderer"...

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
I like this song by Esteban Abril, he´s really spanish but CBS the major label make him change his artistic name . Esteban Abril was the highest selling artists in the Bigfoot and Yettis markets . He even have a fan club there and he sign photos for Yettis and they eat them cause they say it taste better signed . The wonderer is a message for mankind about the olympic games , ice cream and deodorant for the ideas in the head.Mucho bonito , yeh mam´ .

LaCroix's Place
Excellent tune .

This tune takes me so many places in my mind. It's like a finely crafted Dylanesque tune with a good electric band backing it all. Great phrasing and lyrics too! Rock on Steve!

Voices -Outside The Box
The Wonderer is a classic!

Greatest Fantastical Original Hits
This is a fantasmagorically original song

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
This has a great forward driving momentum and strong individual sense of personality.Hippy classic rock beat poet voodoo.Its relentless incessant rhyming should by rights become annoying,but is in reality really funny and totally engaging..Very cool track..

Surprise surprise .. there really is a calm after the storm. Or do I have that bass-ackwards? Hmmm .. yes, I think the correct saying is "the calm before the storm". Well, whatever! We had one of those too!! In any event, after the 36-hour winter storm that just rolled through here leaving a foot and a half of snow in its wake, today's brilliant sunshine and sparkling sapphire blue sky was a sight for sore eyes and relief for my aching back from shoveling. Shortly after getting ourselves cozied up in front of the blazing fireplace tonight, it was no wonder that Rascal and I were soon drifting swiftly into dreamland, although before I had made myself that comfortable I had come to Steve April's page and clicked "Stream All". As the first song, "Fledglin Bird", began to play, I remember thinking .. very nice song about spring Steve .. yeah, very nice song. I could feel my head though nodding uncontrollably as I slipped in and out of consciousness. In that cannibis-like induced state I could have swore that I saw the Grateful Dead's Sugar Magnolia Tour Bus loaded with a menagerie of tie-dyed characters driving through my mind followed by an eclectic electric unplugged ensemble of strolling troubadours dancing and drinking at will. The Parade Master was slicing and cutting up some mean distortion guitar licks and riffs. Wish I could play like that I remember thinking. The band was playing what could easily have been the Woodstock National Anthem. Was I dreaming or tripping I wondered. The closest thing to Dylan that I've heard in a long time was scattering a potpourri of words hither thither all around that seemed to fall perfectly into place on lines that sounded like the closest thing to amazing lyrics that I've heard in a long time. I drifted back to sleep with the parade disappearing over the horizon and the perfect ending playing softly and incessantly in my mind. A perfect song too for Legendary Music I remember thinking ... yeah, a perfect song ...

Biggie's Big-Time Radio Revue
Great track with super production!

The Allure
April is the retro king of sorts, spins stories of magic

On Account
Nice work! Guitar sounds awesome. Dylan-ish styling. I love all the different instrument pieces going on beneath the main instruments and vocals. Well thought out arrangement, Steve!

New Dimension Radio
Reached #7 on IAC genre alt retro psychedelic, top 50 over a year. surreal millenium trip with roots in the blues...(on over 30 iac stations)...

eYe 2
eYe dig the Wonderer, congrats on your induction into the legends at iacmusic Steve

Steve possesses an uncanny way of capturing an abstract piece of art here with brilliant colorful strokes of musical tones and rich textures of lyrical poetry.The song, well it is a marriage of magical sounds and stunning art of writing. Steve is a brilliant wordsmith who shares his imagination in this epic and iconic song that is one my favs. Go to the song page,check out the lyrics and listen to the intermingling jingling jangling of the instrumentation and Steve's vocals, I swear this was Dylan singing this "electricity leaps from madonna's face a cougar's magnetic grace electricity purrs in madonna's face oh magic kingdom place" oh Keats would be proud, this song is a work of art IMPNATION RULES!

Bob Dylan Tribute
Steve April channels Bobs delivery but every note is pure April, fab lyricsthe arrangement will hold you to the end. Indie at it's best.

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