Jack TornAin't It Grand
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 12:46:19 AM
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 12:46:38 AM
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A post-teen rant, a clearing of cobwebs, a tune I should've written a long time earlier, an anthem for the more-than-slightly disillusioned, a slap in the face to all Greedy Ones at the Top, a little reminder to Complacent Ones, a big-guitar thing with an 11/4 refrain and a slide guitar ending as a tribute to all the fantastic slide players that have made my life... bearable.

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Ain’t It Grand

I wasn’t good, at saying goodbye
but after this… I think I’ll have an easier time
Another year, countin' the dimes
give a cheer, for one more thing on my mind

if the race ain’t nothing but a cold blooded ride
if there’s no one to take your side
grit your teeth and with your glass in hand
raise it to the sky and whisper… ain’t it grand!

Born in the shadow of the bomb, eight november
painted me with holy water ‘n said remember…to pray
Then get me a career: a player, a drinker, a dreamer
or maybe…six feet of cold clay?

There’s heaven in the air you’d better start believin’
I heard about that “ask and you shall receive’n”
I prayed ‘till my knees was on fire
I got an answer from the wire…saying...ain’t it grand?

There’s a hand on the wheel, there’s a hand in the till
they keep their fingers crossed when they talk and they always will
You can look at the cards, you can look in their eyes
believing is easy, but it ain’t for the wise

You keep on living on those paper lies
you’re going to drink your water from a well gone dry you’ll be marching to the fields with those chains a ringin’
this time next year…you won’t be singin’… “ain’t it grand”! x
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