TROLEBetter Get It Right
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Sunday, March 27, 2005 9:26:44 AM
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 10:50:15 AM
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The Man Station
Blue Union Radio
Only The Finest
INDIEcent Exposure
Super Freaky
Desperado Back Tracks


Review from --- "this is the best song i have ever heard on this site. you guys sound like a mix of rusted root and blind melon, with just a dash of radiohead, some my favorite bands. i really like the melody of this one. backup vocals are really sweet and a perfect accompaniment for the song. it is hard for me to focus on one point of this song because it is amazing all the way through. i would definately like to hear more from you guys."

written by J. Trole Taylor

I met a crazy one-eyed girl she tried to set me free guess she didn't know I was sedated this old man he told a tale of golden memories now he says the memories have faded I met a fool we talked a while he said he wanted more it was all the labouring he hated I stoked the fire out of control and headed for the door if I had known you'd die I would've waited as surely as the end will come believe me when I say everything that comes and goes will come and go away and if the demons of a thousand nightmares try to get inside you better get it right oh you better get it right
Song Comments

Only The Finest
Whoa, this is surely something different.

INDIEcent Exposure
I personally think this band has the most unique and diverse sound ever. This song is just another example of their range. Simple, with excellent vocals and a steady acoustic melody that hangs on.

Cool, well done, up-beat, passionate.

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