Little FriendNeed
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 8:13:07 PM
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 8:16:49 PM
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This Just In
Maria Daines Bandwagon with seats
Musicians For Compassion 2
In memory of Shambo
Bonnie's Animal Favorites II


Trippy light folk rock with girl vox and psychodelic birl bvox at the end, with banjo throughout

Lyrics and Song by Fjaere C. Nilssen, littlefriendmpg copyright.

Green-haired girl at the airport
She'll be flying too
I am writing letters
TO my mom and then to you
The fog islifting from my eyes
and from the air
So hard to know what's really needed
Till it's not there
So do you need me to be there?
Like something we once shared?
Pretending need is care
Anywhere, and everywhere?

Song Comments

Maria Daines Bandwagon with seats
Great big song :)

Musicians For Compassion 2
Great big song :)

This Just In
In-the-pocket Folk Rock with great vocals and just enough swing

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