noel coward's ghostNo One's Looking At The Rain
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 2:21:11 AM
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Monday, July 03, 2006 9:06:37 PM
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Sunshine Smile..
Radio Aurora
Bubbling Up
Tympanali 1
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 2
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Larry Hurds Infusion
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Your eye's on the target and you're oblivious that one is painted on the back of your head. Oh well, live & learn. Or just live...

Composed & Recorded by Lane Steinberg

Song Comments

Sunshine Smile..
Classic 60s style Pop Song with wonderful sunshine vibe and timelessly uplifting chorus...Totally undervalued and unrecognised for the minor work of Pop Genius that it is...

Bubbling Up
Beautiful timeless pop song with memorable chorus,blastin'trumpets and a true (rare) sense of JOY...Its like 1966 swinging London personified-and in that sense is a true George Best of a player..Individual,happy-go-lucky-of his time but due to his genius, transcending it too....

Tympanali 1
Badly Drawn Kinks.... Someone's listening to this song.

The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 2
Bursting with trumpets,ultra-sun kissed joyful melody....Plus a timeless chorus and lyric that would've guaranteed a top ten hit if it had been released in 1967..The fact that its lying half forgotten at the back of an indie site is no reflection on its quality..Had the Hitmen dancing and shootin' their guns in the air with glee...A real gem

Larry Hurds Infusion
This song I could have seen the Beattles do.

Songs with RAIN in the Title
No one may be looking at the rain, but someone definitely should be listening to this delightful throwback to sixties jangle pop. -- J. Strell

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