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Saturday, May 06, 2006 1:44:01 PM
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007 3:18:18 AM
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words and music by David Hosking

My eyes

I don’t already know you
But I already miss you
I don’t already see you
So I hang around everywhere
Just hoping I will catch you
Like a butterfly
And all your colours
Will fill my eyes
And blind me for a minute
Or maybe for a lifetime
‘Cause I don’t already hold you
I save that for the nightime
When the hours are longest
And the emptiness the strongest
And there is no other
But my friend the darkness
Fills my eyes
I almost love you
What ever that means
Something like a fish hook
Stuck in my intestines
The more that I struggle it goes
Deeper and tighter
And the closer that I get to you
Everything looks brighter
And any second now I’ll see
What is the purpose
As what started internally
Reaches the surface
And any bet I will say
Most what I shouldn’t
Darlin please look my way
Don’t say you couldn’t
Song Comments

Musical Journeys
Gorgeous driving guitar and incredible vocals that help you see through Hosking's eyes!

INDIEcent Exposure
I really love this. It's very simple, a man and his guitar, but there is SO much there. Great acoustic, a full satisfying sound, and the melody is very addictive. One of my new faves.

The little station that could.
What great writing. I look up to this guy. He has not compromised himself and has still had a successful career at something he loves. Bon Journo

Rock Goddess
Melbourne's answer to Bruce Springsteen!

Stik's Picks To Click
In my eyes...this is a very cool track. My ears like it too.

oh my eyes...and my ears. Top tune. He starts off playing this quite a restrained manner. By the time he gets to the end, the chords are ringing out and the strings, as well as the listener, are at the edge of their tensile stretch.

The Great Pyramid
David Hosking is an accomplished singer songwriter.

clever lyrical touches...

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