mcdaidFind yourself again


indie rock song


About a person who has a son/daughter with drug problem .
I walked in to find you chasing down a line
chasing down a line again
cobwebs in the corner cold and empty home
my sweet child what have you become.

(chorus) I could never let you go away
even though it's killing me I want you to stay
i'm just hoping someday you'll find yourself again

I walked in to find you shooting up the vein
shooting up the vein again
curled up in the corner left among your pain
my sweet child what have you become

.( chorus) end
Song Comments

Cherry Gum
A wonderful song, emotional and honest. Very good vocals and sound too. Reminds me a bit of Aqualung and other favourite bands of mine.

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Drunken Poet Hour
this song sounds like its straight out of the OC, like Alexi Murdoch or Turin Brakes

Voices of Angels
If you have ever been lost in drugs or watch somebody you loved die from addiction then you will fully understand every word of this "very real" documentary.

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

The Talent Searcher 2
A song that talks about the truth . Lyrics that are for real and a wonderful pop music that goes with it. Unfortunately this is a song that will always be about today.

Crispy Monkeys latest mistake
I can't remember where I found this, but I really like it! great voice and nice melody - lyrics kinda smacked me in the face as well

The Farm
Beautifully produced,very well written modern pop/rock big ballad..Similar vibe to Coldplay,Keane and The Verve..I could easily imagine this in tthe charts..

Over The Moon
Lovely, lovely track about a difficult situation but a positive song. Wonderful.

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