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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Who likes you anyway.......
Internal Affairs
Sometimes you step in good shit


A song about acceptance

Words, music, all guitars and vocals: Brian Booth. Recorded at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, UK by Jim Riley

I had a chest X-ray which suggested there was a serious problem; three weeks later, I learned it turned out to be no more than a flaw on the film. It made me think, though, in the interim...

Words and music: Brian Booth, copyright 2005

Here it is, the end, it’s a time to mend
The fences, it’s a time to put things right

Time to forget your pride, put it all aside
Finer feelings melt when faced with endless night

If dreams were horses
There’s be no-one short of a ride
How cheap, how weak remorse is
Throwing stones against the incoming tide
Things you thought important yesterday
Fade away...

Things you wished you’d said, but never left your head
Still won’t surface, won’t face light of day

Embarrassed silence reigns, and the memory lanes
Are scarred with footprints that won’t go away

An end to second chances
An end to wishing things hadn’t been
An end to hopes and fancies
No start to all you still haven’t seen
You’re a passenger, end of the line
‘Next stop is mine...’

It’s not right, not fair, yet no regrets
At least I’m leaving something pure behind

It wasn’t thrown away - all I owned I gave
To someone with a universe to find

Yes, I will go gentle
Yes, I welcome the dying light
Yes, I will go gentle
Leave the rage to those who’ve not seen the night
I did all I could
There were seeds of good...

Please let them grow - then I’ll know it was worth it
Song Comments

Once again Brian Booth shows his poetic genius, this one makes me think of The Who performing a ballad in their prime, without Keith Moon of course. Beautiful stuff here! -M-

Folk Goddess Bo-ho Ra-di-o
i just love the guitars in this song... so harmonic... so crisp! oh yeah - love the rest of the song too... a perfect addition to bo-ho ra-di-o

Apocalypse Radio
Wonderful song, wonderful lyrics, wonderful work by Brian Booth... a song of hope thrown at the Apocalypse... antithesis to all the negativity and anxiety... a pool of calm to rest your weary feet... a soft pillow for the head. Welcome to the Apocalypse, Brian! -M-

Musical Journeys
"Things we thought important yesterday, fade away... ...You're a passenger, end of the line, next stop is mine" You'll know it's all worth it if you hear this song. Lovely Brian!

1a) My favourite is Endgame, but a lot of people don't like it, perhaps they find the subject matter depressing." Maybe depressing is the truth of what we are living! People tend to flinch or recoil when confronted by reality. I think it's a perfect choice! It fits the theme of the station as well. I love this one and it would have been my choice if you hadn't picked it! -M-

An endearing song for those at peace with their life..words which we all hope we are capable of saying: don't think any of us can do so as well as Brian Booth and not with the joy of life which is blooming in this beautifully played and recorded song with fantastic singing melody and harmonies.. and that 'meditating suspended pause' that Brian is so adept at applying into his music; always moving, yet at peace with itself..just like the man who wrote it.

Who likes you anyway.......
Requested by Swedish Wordpress @ No listed Page I could find on IAC

Internal Affairs
Brian has such a subtle way about him in his songs... and yet he leaves no doubt about what lies inside himself... as we hear, here in "End Game"...

...perfect here -M-

Sometimes you step in good shit
... of course, the end game is always to step in the good shit ...

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