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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Hypnotic groove adorned with spacey ethnic samples and thoughtful idealistic lyrics

Music: kulu and BassBob
Lyrics: shankarji

The song was inspired by a Jacaranda tree in a temple garden in Varanasi, the ancient and sacred city of the hindus that lies on the banks of the holy River Ganga.
I walked along a rocky road, I was searching for a sign
It was hard to know if I am yours or if you were really mine
I stared into a distant sun and the sun-rays hurt my eyes
But the mystery of melting snows and the buzzin’ of the flies
Took a grip upon my consciousness like an enigmatic smile
It was peaceful and compassionate, I was happy for a while
So I gazed upon the highest peaks, saw the moon and saw the stars
Saw the universal mother, I saw Jupiter and Mars
I was standing in a garden, by a Jacaranda tree
I looked upon the face of love and he looked inside of me
I saw a wide slow-moving river and a city on a bend
Where the smoke from burning funeral pyres will never, ever, end
And it was ninety-eight degrees or more and the sweat ran in my eyes
I could hear the sound of throbbing drums in a rhythmic suicide
And when I ducked beneath the waters, under a Varanasi sun
Where the hopes and fears over countless years
Have been offered to the One.

And when the feelings that engulf us all, on the edges of our minds
Takes us to the place where knowledge waits, to where salvation lies
But when you’re fooled by the illusion of the future and the past
You can lose your sense of here and now, you can feel a little lost
And you read esoteric ures, you can read them everyday
But the knowledge that you’ll find in them will only point the way
We gotta hold on to the here and now, it’s the true reality
When you look within the deathless self and see a God where you should be
It’s the enlightened holy masters, who will awaken you and me
To our spiritual potential, to our mystic energy
And when the light of knowledge blazes, like a sun-burst in your soul
When you feel that mystic one-ness, hear the bells of freedom toll
And when an individual raindrop, falls from heaven to the sea
It becomes the mighty ocean, but loses its individuality
So when the time of death comes to you, when it’s time for you to leave
Don’t resist your revelation, join the raindrop and be free.
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BeST for MY TAsTE - World

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

Huminuh's World's Best Salad Bar
Ohhhh..I just love the Chillum Brothers. I had to scoop this one up for the Salad Bar.

Timo's True Shaman Radio

Hypnotic groove adorned with spacey ethnic samples and thoughtful idealistic lyrics.Welcome friends.


Over The Moon Two
Marvellous stuff!!

Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels
"Hypnotic groove adorned with spacey ethnic samples and thoughtful idealistic lyrics..."

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