David HoskingWe Cross The Line
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Words and Music by David Hosking


I put my hand inside your shirt
Then kissed right down the line
You pushed your leg into that place
Where a man spends most his time
And when my heart is on your heart
We'll leave this place behind
We wait for love like nothing else
And when it comes we cross the line

We cross the line first chance we get
We may not be gamblers
But with love, you bet

We stood upon the highest place
The clouds were our disguise
We fell from there just like from grace
We thought the trade was fair
And when the time did come to leave
We did not want to know
So forcibly we were removed
The hardest way to go

Somewhere on this broken branch
I sat when I was small
When it was young and strong and green
I was the first to fall
From there I'd watch my father come
And drive right by my throne
And I would stay up there for hours
Whenever he got home
Song Comments

Musical Journeys
I don't know if it matters if you've ever crossed that line, though I think mostly we all do sooner or later. It's the universal experience of having risked everything on love and lost... Beautifully written, sung and played. You're living it as you hear it.

Guitar & Pen
Another remarkably written and performed song from one of my new favorite Australians.

Hey, David, I love the melody and the lyrical composition of this piece. You display excellent guitarmanship and the vocal delivery is very, VERY nice. Really an emotional work of art this is. -M-

Hypnogoddess Cyberbroadcast
Some of the most truthful lyrics I have ever heard...hear hear!

Guitarasaurus Rex
sometimes songs grab you 1st time around - this is one.

Musicians For Compassion
Stand to see and sit to hold...

Cruzar la linea a veces implica tener la mente abierta hacia lo desconocido en el absurdo universo... (absurdo para nuestro limitado entendimiento) Es increible como una guitarra bien todacada puede crear lugares oníricos, el acto de creación debe ser magnificado siempre y definitivamente este gran artista conoce la disciplina. La unión de dos almas como acto de básica inocencia es el punto de llegada y partida siempre!... un ciclo abierto... un círculo sin fin...

Hosking hammers and plucks away on this song about all of us ...gamblers of love in wait, always prepared to cross the line for the elixir: Loves wine.

Rolling River Radio
Another quality track from David

Crispy Monkeys latest mistake
Another David hosking song - this one still stabs me in the guts everytime I hear it. David can say so much with so few words.

Who likes you anyway.......
Requested by Miss Vicky @ http://iacmusic.com/personal.aspx?id=41787

I come from the land down under
One of my favourite songs from my favourite songwriter!

Sound Stage
Have always had respect for singer songwriters, David is one who has talent in this field. Give him a listen.

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