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Saturday, June 17, 2006 1:48:47 AM
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Friday, July 09, 2010 7:53:55 PM
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Don't believe all that Druids tell ya is gonna happen. Ya Jerk.

Jon Vitas: W/M, Vocals, Guitars
Naomi Vice: Vocals, Fiddle
Scott Spencer: Bass
Jon Norwood: Drums

When will the Magic return? Inspired by Larry Niven's Sorcerer stories: What if Magic were a resource that could be used up like Petroleum? Kinda makes you think what'll happen when all the oil on this planet gets used up. Instead of us being hit with that in the future, time for us to take that into consideration NOW. Then our energy sources won't dry up like the Magic did so long ago.
As I was walking, by the water clear
I spied a fair Maiden who inclined to me her ear
And said, "Tell me a story of times of old
And of enchantments,
And of a Knight who was Bold?"

I said,
"I know no stories of a Knight who was Bold,
Of of enchantments-
Only of one who was old
Magic had HE enough to tear the world
And though He had a Voice
No One would heed His words"

"Oh, Merlin
Oh Merlin
Will Arthur ever come back
To England's Bloody Land?
Oh, Merlin
Oh Merlin
Why don't you speak
Our eyes are wet with tears
And Our Land is Bleak." x
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