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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:26:51 PM
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:31:54 PM


A mellow piano ballad

Jonathan Patrick Moore

Sun comes up the village wakes, Chatting over garden gates,
Birds are singing in the trees, Laundry flapping in the breeze,
Down the lane with shopping list, Sure there’s something that I’ve missed,
Life moves at a slower pace, That is why I love this place!

First the grocers if you please, Buy a pound of Cheddar cheese,
And a half of Wensleydale, Some Brussel sprouts and Winter kale,
Now the butcher’s next in line, Fresh pork bangers would be fine,
A cheery wave a friendly face, That is why I love this place!

Many miles and many years, Peals of laughter, pools of tears,
Travels, studies, children, wife, Have brought me to another life…

Mrs. Godwin on her rounds, Post in hand she beats the bounds,
Home by noon before the fire, Sunday she sings in the choir,
Quavers from her ample form, A dying duck in a thunderstorm,
Somehow amidst the pillared stone, Her song is lifted to the throne.

Thirty years ago and more, Places, faces I adore,
Buttered scones and clotted cream, I can almost taste it when I dream ……….of home.

Jonathan Patrick Moore C 1998
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