Jonathan Patrick MooreThe Beating of Drake's Drum
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:36:40 PM
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Friday, January 18, 2008 3:17:37 PM
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A neo-traditional folk song

Jonathan Patrick Moore 2006

At the Westerly Approaches, Spanish galleons appear,
Their intent to wrest our freedom, men of England have no fear,
Our bold Captain and commander, none can match his heart so true,
He has time to play the game boys and defeat the Spaniards too.
In a time of mortal danger, Lo the foreign forces come,
We will summon strength of heart boys, at the beating of Drake's drum.

Wellington standing defiant 'gainst the brash Napoleon,
Sailing out of Plymouth Harbor with the pride of England’s men,
We will give to him no quarter, till our freedom is assured,
We have muskets at the ready, true of aim and swift of sword,
Where the courage to defend her when the darkest dangers come?
There's a sound that stirs our hearts, 'tis the beating of Drake's drum

Now our finest lie besieged, upon the sand of Dunkirk beach,
Every fisherman of England, rescue is within your reach,
Man the boats and pray for favor, help them fight another day,
In this hour of present danger, God will speed you on your way,
Draw your strength from men of yore, every hindrance overcome,
Listen now O men of England, hear the beating of Drake's drum.

Anytime these shores are threatened by a diabolic foe,
When dark clouds are gathering and fear consumes the nation’s soul,
If amid the sounds of bustle coursing through our city streets,
You might hear the whispers of a catalog of past defeats,
Then I pray you listen closer for another sound to come,
Listen for the heart of England, hear the beating of Drake’s drum.
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