Psyche's MuseFACE OF DEATH
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Guitar, Vocal, and Guitar improvisation:

Perfect for those timid in their feelings on death, I'd simply love to have X perform this tune troubadour-style at my funeral. -M-

X: Guitar and Vocal(added: Percussion, Keyboard, Backing Vocal)
M: Guitar and Lyric

Beautiful, Angelic Face Of Death
I Kiss You Upon Your Cheek
Our Lovemaking Is A struggle
In Your Presence I Feel Weak

Drop To My Knees Do I
To The Deathtress
The Earth Mother Gives
Of Her Own Body
A Living Sacrifice
Life Is A Holy Sacrament

Death Is Also A Sacred Act
Feel Your Life Slipping Away
Drop By Drop... Drop By Drop
You Are Dissolving...
Fading... Sinking Back
Into The Pool Of Soul... x
Song Comments

Soul Retrieval
This one touched me deep, brought me to a familiar place in my mind, that I visit often and stay and ponder and dream of.

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Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
...and face-to-face we kiss! Moody, Cool, Psychotic, Mesmerizing.

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