VELULAVelula - Ocaso de un Parpadeo
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Friday, August 18, 2006 5:10:30 PM
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Saturday, February 28, 2009 10:59:56 PM
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Letters to the Dead
Voices -Outside The Box
Alucigenia Music
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Piensa y escucha
Ver el sol
Caminar tu corazón
Cerca del umbral
De la soledad

Comienza a gritar
Sin dirección
Después de
Volver a sentir
Tu inspiración

Cada estupida razón
De esta enferma vida
Cada imbecil cosa lógica
de este día
Cada vez siento mas locura
Cada vez que sin sentido
me lanzo al vacío

Atascado como
Pedazo de
Carne Muerta
Por miradas
De desprecio

Sin sentimiento

Ten cuidado antes de nacer … ten cuidado!!!

Poseído por miradas de desprecio sin sentimiento
Por dolores rebotados de aquellos insensibles

Y miran tu esencia
Y gritan auxilio
Y dicen silencio

Vuelas el camino de algún cuerpo universal
Vuelas en silencio y eterna soledad
Song Comments

Alucigenia Music
Velula is an original band that plays an atmospheric, psychedelic and theatrical Metal. The songs are tortured with spoken vocals and a lot of change of rhythm. The songs are "weird" and unconventional but for sure something you'll like.

Really lovely intro, really lovely song, VELULA. A spirit of sincerity pervades this piece... as I said, lovely. -M-

What a great song !!! ...wanna fly for a while?

Those who have ventured here and stayed long enough to have listened though my playlist will know that I am not confined to any particular genre or musical box (no pun intended), although I do quite naturally have my favorites, meaning that my audible palate has been known at times to harmlessly pursue self-gratification. When I do go off the deep end though, I throw the saddle, boots and hat to the wind, and heaven only knows where I might end up for the evening. Well, as in the case of Velula here who were kind enough to introduce themselves to my station, I went to their Artists page and I listened through their selections. To my delight I found myself traipsing back to the old cabin here with a magical, mystical and truly engaging harmonious, and equally pleasingly disharmonious at times, piece of music much reminiscent of the euphony that one would hear at one of those larger than life, stranger than fiction and yet ever so close to reality Cirque du Soleil shows. "Ocaso de un Parpadeo" begins by taking one on a carefree and fanciful kaleidoscopic musical journey that seemingly leads to a somewhat strange and spiritually cloistered world colored with a monastic flowing litany of vocals. IMHO this is definitely a movie quality and appropriate piece of music you have here Velula ... but what do I know. In any event, I would be knocking on director's doors with this one. In the meantime, I'm honored and pleased to welcome you to Legendary Music.

Voices -Outside The Box
A VEry LUminous LAbrynth of sound

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