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Friday, September 01, 2006 12:46:04 PM
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 7:36:06 AM
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Music: Colin Bates; lyrics: Brian Booth. Recorded in analogue at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, UK, remastered using the IAC service, August 2006.Brian comes from Manchester but lives in Rochester, Kent, where he works as a nurse, specialising in the care of older people. At the age of 16, he learned bass, and played in a number of bands which had modest success in the Manchester area. Discovering Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and other cheery souls led to him learning to play acoustic guitar and writing songs which, thanks to IAC, are now being covered by people who can actually sing
Something to Say
Music: Colin Bates, words: Brian Booth, copyright 2005


So we got it wrong
So we went off-song

Stop - look around you
Isn’t it better this way?
And please don’t call me
Now we’ve called it a day

Find the time to feel
Find the time to heal

Stop - hold yourself tighter
Put those memories away
But please don’t call me
Now we’ve called it a day

Down, deep and down
You know I’m right and
Down, deep and down
We’re both of us frightened

It wasn’t easy to let go
It wasn’t easy to say ‘no’

Stop - make a new start now
Everything’s going your way
And please don’t call me
Now we’ve called it a day

Look inside, ride the pain
Look inside, break the chain

Stop - turn up the lights now
Throw those mad dreams away
And one day I’ll call you
When there’s something to say

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