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Friday, September 08, 2006 9:03:32 AM
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Saturday, September 09, 2006 7:31:09 AM
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A song about a one eyed man, a drunk widow and a three legged dog, down in Mexico.

Words and music-Dave Wagner
Dave Wagner-gtr/bass
Dick "Welcome to my Nightmare" Wagner-lead gtr
Rick Favale/Brandon Bullard-voxs


Let me tell ya' a story I know about love gone bad down in old mexico.
Theres a one eyed man and his three legged dog.
He lives in a shack and he's packin' a rod.

He's got born to raise hell tattoo'd on his arm.
He's quit with the witt and lives by his charm.
Now he's down on his luck, life's looking so bad.
He can't get over the girl he once had.

I said hey put it away, what are you waiting for?
I said hey come out and play be a child once more.
I said hey put it away, walk out thru that door.
I said hey come out and play, your alive once more.

Theres a bitter senorita, on the other side of town.
She drinks all day till the sun goes down.
Husband did her wrong when he up and died.
Till death do us part but one of them lied.
She sits by the window and lives in the past.
Waiting to join her husband at last.
You can see the pain when you look in her eyes.
Reality sucks so don't even try.

I said hey put it away......

Never thought I'd ever feel this way again.
Life's so lonely, when ya don't have a friend.
When you hit the bottom gotta look up to the top.
Never going to give it up, never gonna stop.

Let me tell ya a story I know, bout' a new love born down in old Mexico.
There's a three legged dog and a one eyed man.
One day he met a widow and he's happy again.
The senorita she looked so nice, they went out on a date.
She kissed him twice.
Now they both have a new love at last.
So busy with today they can't live in the past.


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