Seven ReasonsBetter Days
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 5:22:34 AM
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 5:24:51 AM
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Fountain of Youth
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Eagles Flight


Written by Mike Jones-Produced by Mike Vanderhule

There you are and there's nothing I can say, It wasn't what was wrong it was what was real. Do you still feel the scar or did you find a better way, to turn your head away from what was you feel? Seems to me I've had much better days, Now I'm here and now your there to stay, Somthing's wrong since you've been gone, the sky's gone from blue to gray, I just want to see some better days It's where we are and if there's nothing we can change what you learn is more than what you lose. I'm not that far, can you still feel me today, what we need is not always what we choose, I swear someday the words they will come and I'll find a way to bring you back to me x
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Killer Tunes
Big sound, big future!

Different while still remaining the same..A new twist to a standard style but I like the passion.

Eagles Flight
found on mysticangel_001 station

Fountain of Youth
Very Progressive Punk like!

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