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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 10:59:01 AM
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 11:06:18 AM
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Lyrics by Adam Keenan, Music by Eddison.

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Great sounding stuff here! These guys are surely on their way... Just Listen! -M-

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Eddison balance the old with the new: an abrasive punk edge with a love for sound experimentation courtesy of the synth generation. The two guitarists identify with the Kurt Cobain school of sound: Keep it simple (Amp - Cable - Distortion Pedal - Cable - Guitar). The resultant sound? A Tele trying to out do a Strat; loud, dirty and occasionally beautifully chaotic. It is the contributions of a rack of keyboards that would make Emerson, Lake and Palmer weep that propels them into the 21st century. Think Blondie arpeggiators mixed with Prodigy sub-bass and you're getting there. Then think distorted solos where guitars traditionally churn out meandering pentatonics. Like the Kaiser Chiefs without the Britpop, Muse without the arrogance and the Killers without the eyeliner. The thing is, Eddison, refusing to conform to fad and fashion have been perfecting this sound for 4 years; it's as if the zeitgeist has finally caught up with them. On October 30th, Eddison release their debut album, Black Above the Trees, on Aberdeen's Fat Hippy Records, an ever-growing indie, which, after an eclectic start, is now concentrating upon a limited release of exciting Scottish newcomers. Black Above the Trees, as apocalyptic in nature as it is in name, is a slice of electro-rock as rich and diverse in melody and innovation as it is in lyrical themes. It is in turns both pessimistically retrospective and defiantly optimistic, revealing chief songwriter Adam Keenan to be an amusing, if sometimes frustrating contradiction, lamenting about the superficialities of modernity, but willingly participating in the pleasures they bring. Thematically, the album certainly is diverse, focussing upon issues such as history and the seduction of nostalgia; upon the role of the unconscious; and perhaps mostly upon the impossible-to-negotiate differences between the two sexes. Eddison are quite sure they are the first band in the history of music to focus upon the latter.

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