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Monday, January 08, 2007 12:31:03 AM
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Sunday, January 21, 2007 9:33:39 PM
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Voices -Outside the Box Two


It could happen.

Marc Bosserman did it all.

Everyone marcbosserman c2005

There’s no room left for us to hate
Better find out how to get along
Will we make it before it’s too late?
Wonder if we can right the wrong.

Your life is being trashed in your face
Your love can’t go on
There’s no way that we will win this race
Unless we make a world for all of us , where

Everyone loves every one.

There’s no reason to believe what I say
Maybe we should just forget about it.

There’s no way that it can be that way.
A world that’s here for all of us, where

Every one, loves everyone.

Over in the white house
The feelings pretty sweet
The presidents and generals
Have all sat down to meet
They’re solving all the problems
They’re all fading away
They’re telling all the people and now.

Everyone love everyone
And every rock
Loves every tree
And all of us in harmony
And I’ll be you and you’ll be me
Yeah all of us in harmony…..

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Voices -Outside the Box Two
When you are done with this song, a plethora (did I really use the word plethora??) of diverse and exceptional compositions await you on Marc's artist page!

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