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Monday, January 15, 2007 4:11:05 AM
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007 12:29:00 AM
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James C. Frank
Deborah Denise

Ritalin Mine

Ritalin meadows of dinners and movies
Azalea methadone POW TV
Blitzkrieg spring water shoots into veins
Napalm violets Dexedrine again
Fenced-in morning glories sanitized with bleach
Friendly-fire moonbeams and walks on the beach
Boot camp first date game preserve seroquel
Torture chamber soul mate scrape for resin daffodil

Ativan avatar
operation buspar
womb to the tomb

Honeysuckle corpse stick your thing in my hole
Ride the train carpet bomb let’s roll
Patriot missiles stashed deep inside my cherry
“I’ll make you a widow first, and then we can get married.”
Landmines and diamonds and soccer practice drug deals
Trumpet vine revelry and rent-a-cop-a-feel
Inner-mush MOAB all strung out on meth
Pina colada orchids will all love you to death
Displaced populations keep wooing syringes
And acid-eating skittles are on forsythia binges
Special forces hot springs Bambi’s on the nod
The most expensive rehab’s opened up for God

Ativan avatar
operation buspar
womb to the tomb
2nd mortgage: WMD
Ride the tiger slip’n’slide and cut the coke with ice

Chivalric reconnaissance hormonal compliance
Effexor snuggle up with enemy combatants
Minivan smart bomb fueled by wasted macho
Dime bag in the ghetto and a begonia in the window
Rhinoplastic courting Johnny Walker checkpoint
Rhinoplastic checkpoint Johnny Walker courting
Vanilla bean invasion quiet time by the vapors
It’s so pure you’ll wanna re-inhale the fire

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Wet Wave

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