Thinking Out LoudPeople
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Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:06:27 AM
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Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:11:25 AM
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Let 'em eat CAKE!!
The Farm


A song that Chris B wrote about people she knows....

Angst, lyrics & music by Chris B. Guitar riff by Chris W.

And then she spoke,
It was so good to hear,
That she got rid of all her fears,
That she got rid of all her fears.

Got another friend by the name of Faye,
Who's writing & singing & doing OK,
I remember when she couldn't excel,
At everything she tried, she always failed,
She stopped taking life so seriously,
left the fussing and felt so free,

Got another friend by the name of Di,
Whose idea of a real good time,
Is to reminisce about men she doesn't miss,
To reminisce about men she doesn't miss,

Got another friend by the name of Mandy Hess,
Who undresses to impress.

Instead of masturbating with a magazine,
She took to the city and to its streets,
Song Comments

Ted's Total Tunage Radio
Chris B is one of the most talented prolific artists I have ever had the pleasure to know. She fronts multiple bands, is a huge part of the Hong Kong music scene. She is a great songwriter as this song shows and a great person. Get to know her entire catalog you won't regret it.

Let 'em eat CAKE!!
AT LAST, a GOOD toe-tapping little number which should be blaring out of radios all over the place. Plus she're one hot lady....I wouldn't mind her cake crumbs at all....

love the music in this song. very catchy. its kinda missing a chorus....but i still like it! ha ha.

The Farm
Dirty pop is perfect for this..Catchy,energetic n childlike with awesome guitar-tone,sweet tune and a sense of genuine exhuberance and joy sadly missing from so much frikkin' depressing n dead modern pop 'n'rock..Nice one..

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