Marc CeccottiLM waltz
Experimental neo-progressive HyperLink
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Friday, January 26, 2007 12:14:27 AM
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Sunday, September 27, 2009 12:59:13 PM
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Marc Ceccotti: Composition, arrangement, Guitars, Guitar synth,

Song Comments

Tonight I opened the door into the amazing and incredible world of musical soundscapes by Marc Ceccotti. The experience was nothing short of a magical and beautiful reflection of memories that have been floating and meandering through the quiet corners of my mind these past few weeks - you know the kind - fleeting glimpses of days and times long past that we thought would never end, of romances that once warmed our hearts and our bodies and that we were sure were heaven sent, and of dreams ... oh yes, how well we remember now those dreams that once filled the pages of our own never ending story. Somehow in the blink of an eye it was all gone. Surprisingly, it took years to realize that it really was over, done, gone, leaving only memories to take the place that life and love had once filled. Sitting here alone in the cabin, lulled by the comforting gentle heat and the sound of cedar logs crackling in the fireplace on this bitterly cold and quietly still December moon-lit night, the winter shadows outside my window seem to be dancing on the surface of the glistening snow to the enchanting mystical strains of Marc's "LM waltz" - truly a most engaging, compelling and entrancing composition from this gifted composer and master of guitar orchestration. The picture in my mind appears timeless and endless, and yet I know come morning it will have disappeared into ashes and flickering embers in the fireplace. But like my memories, the flames will continue to burn forever, fanned by beautiful and inspirational music like I am listening to at this very moment. Thank you Marc for being here and welcome to my Legendary Music II sanctuary.

Radio Times
Enchanting mystical strains perfect for a long quiet winter's night in front of the fireplace and radio with memories drifting in and out of my mind filling the silent voids left behind in life ... truly a most engaging, compelling and entrancing composition from this gifted composer and master of guitar orchestration.

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