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Saturday, February 03, 2007 6:37:07 PM
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017 12:45:44 AM
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lost & found.

steve april vocal, guitar (Melody, lyrics), keys on bridge

mark stein harmonies, piano, bass, percussion


Doreen, Doreen, brandishing your broken wing,
knockin' on my window, you make me wanna sing
a lullaby for spring.
When you sweep into town
like Napoleon Bonaparte,
give comands to my aching heart...
that's when it hurts so much
to even touch you Doreen.

I could be kinder but why should I care?
We're the blind leadin' the blind here,
the yellow brick road is somewhere.

Doreen, Doreen, this night of the swan the heart has such thirst,
born in a whirl it's gotta come first,
don't want a doctor or nurse.
We take a ride to your house by the mountain,
we walk in the moonlight and kiss by a fountain,
we feel serene.
Cold waves below for our dreams,
You're beautiful Doreen.
You're back again Doreen.
Song Comments

The Talent Searcher
Steve April goes for the doo woop approach , like Steve and the Belmonts,with the universal chord secuence. To fall in love hurt so bad , to be alone hurt so bad that´s why they invented music .The 50s are coming back with a line like " I could be kinder but what should I care " a deep analysis of male psychology is contained in that line. I mean , every man want to be a chocolate egg.....

sounds homeeeeeey....

The Good Stuff
Something VERY retro about the melody of this one like 1920's retro. I like it! I also like Steve's voice... he sounds a bit tipsy, but that just adds to the charm of this number. Just make sure you clean yourself up and sleep it off before geting behind the wheel, Steve.

Music to Make Your Day
This is a pretty cool song, kinda reminds me of David Byrne & Talking Heads; original, engaging style - give it a listen !

Davies Ison And Friends...
Charming n whimsical..Love the sweet-natured vibe and the heartfelt retro 50s stylings..The mid 8 is really cool n musically a neat suprise too..Nice one

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