Michael PeaceLooking Through My Eyes
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Sunday, February 18, 2007 8:05:07 PM
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Monday, June 29, 2009 2:15:19 AM
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Probably nobody sees you exactly the same way that I do but to me you are beautiful beyond compare.

Words and Music Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synth and vocals by Michael Peace

Looking Through My Eyes
© Copyright Michael Peace 1997

You may not be on the cover of some a magazine
You may not be the prettiest girl that anyone’s ever seen
You may not be a brightly shining star
But if you’re looking through my eyes.... you are

You’ve got so much more than just good looks
You’ve got more wisdom than you’ll ever find in books
You’ve got a quiet magic in all the things you do
This world would be much better off if there were more like you

You are mysterious and ever changing
You are constant as the spring rain
You are passion and wonderment
You are pleasure you are pain

You're like a cool breeze on a summer night
Like a candle in the fringes of the light
You are like sunlight... shining on a field of wheat
You and you alone can make my life complete

I may be blinded by the light that shine in you
But I know that your beauty is all honest and true
There is no way that I could know what other people see
But I know, that close to you is where I wanna be

You may not be on the cover of some glamour magazine
You may not be the prettiest girl... this world has ever seen
You may not be a brilliant shining star
But if you’re looking through my eyes.... you are
Song Comments

You know already Mike that I hold you in the highest respect and admiration for the great talent that you are - singer, songwriter, musician ... and friend, but you've been in my thoughts and my prayers even more lately. As well as keeping up to date at Cashbox with how you are doing and your progress during this difficult and challenging time, I have made several visits to your page listening to your songs. I have a feeling that this song, like others that you have written, holds a very special meaning to you. I can only imagine its importance to you and to the object of your love, but to me it says everything beautiful, caring and wonderful that you are ... deeply personal and admiring lyrics, vocals that must surely be as warm and comforting as your arms in holding this love whom you adore, and music that so very beautifully spells quiet nights and holding hands, eyes looking longingly into eyes and hearts overflowing with love ... music - truly the language of love and not said anywhere better than in "Looking Through My Eyes".

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