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Saturday, March 31, 2007 3:21:08 PM
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007 5:08:18 PM
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© Steven A. Iannetti (ASCAP)

Say Goodbye

Look to the left, that's where the line begins.
Look to the right, that's where I've been waiting.
My first impression was way off base,
now I know you're out for blood.
I may be lazy but baby I'm not crazy and
I don't want to be stood up.

So I will walk right out of here.
Yeah, I will walk right out of here.
Say goodbye.

What is this notion you have of sanity ?
No majic lotions can hide your vanity.
You're like a candle, you're too hot to handle.
I didn't think I'd ever wake up.
I must have tried too hard to knock down
the things that were holding you up.


You don't like windows and you don't like doors.
You're most at home when you're down on all fours.
If there's believing everything you hear,
I may be inclined to throw up.
And I've been having sleepless nights
wondering when you're gonna grow up.

© Steven A. Iannetti (ASCAP)

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