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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 9:49:28 PM
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Sunday, January 31, 2010 1:36:25 AM
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This is a rockin' tune with some great lead guitar, great vocals and melody.

Written by: Katelyn Dawn
Produced & arranged by: John Paul Peters
Co-Produced by: Katelyn Dawn

Recorded at High North Records

Engineered & Mixed by: John Paul Peters
Mastered by: Sterling Sound/NYC

Musicians on Song:
Katelyn Dawn: vocals, acoustic guitar
John Paul Peters: lead guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, violin, percussion and bass

private eye
lyrics and music by katelyn dawn

my lipstick fell into the tube what use am i to you?
you dust my fingerprints again
how much will mystery allow
when there’s no secrets, when there’s no secrets

i’m not feeling like i’m someone who could use you
she said he said its alright i’m just your private eye your private eye

you watch me while i’m sleeping
keep me resting for safekeeping
something’s burning in here and i pray that you will reappear
cuz someone’s out there, cuz someone’s out there


my legs are broken my memory’s shaken and something’s not right
my head is achin’ my heart is breakin’

something’s not right
i’m not feeling like i’m someone who could use ya
she said he said its alright i’m just your private eye oh…
i’m someone who could use ya she said he said its alright
i’m just your private eye
private eye X3
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Nathan's Picks
Super production

Radio Head

Adult Alternative Asylum
A great Tune...whether its Dusk...Or Dawn.. Another Beautiful lady on this playlist that should be heard....a Prime example whats wrong with the Music Industry....Katlyn. I Believe in you. There is another song By Dawn a little farther along the Asylum. Ms.Dawn..I am a Fan...

Prime 50
a great rock chick

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Pop Song

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