Jeff Allen MyersConscience of a Soldier (Act II)
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 7:57:54 AM
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 5:16:53 AM
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Adult Alternative Asylum
Farewell to Arms
Rock the Vote
La Familia
Folk 4 Folks
Tropical Escape
Surf's Up
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"Each time you shoot you wound your soul, each time you lose control. Your conscience cries out, all life dies out...gone"

Words and Music
Jeff Allen Myers
© May, 2006

Jeff Allen Myers -Vocal,Acoustic Guitars

You walk the line between life and death,
You may take your last breath.
Who commands you? who do you answer to?
Each time you shoot you wound your soul
Each time you lose control,Your conscience cries out,All life dies out, gone..

You say you never wanted to be,
a killing machine.
You want to get your own Life, back.
And all you feel, is a burning to go home again.
And all you see, is a burning to go home again.

And all you feel, is a burning to go home again...

You say young man you don't know
who you are anymore.
They took you from home, put a gun in your hand
told you now your a Man make your country proud
oh what a lie.....
And so my friend don't despair
you know not what you do.
For many a Man sold is soul down the road
for Ideas of Old men
who sit Idly by
In Glowing Rooms......
Song Comments

Adult Alternative Asylum
Inspired by the Soldiers Plight in the Vietnam War. Some did not choose to serve. God Bless all Our Brave Men and Women in our all Volunteer Army today.

Surf's Up
Honesty, Integrity. Not afraid to get wet.

Rock the Vote
Heavy, and poignant.. bring them home, now!

La Familia
Heavy, and poignant.. bring them home, now!

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