Dirt FarmerWe've All Seen That Before
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Thursday, June 21, 2007 3:17:11 AM
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Thursday, March 20, 2008 4:05:24 AM
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By Royal Decree
God Made Dirt And Dirt Don't Hurt
Texas Back Porch
2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
The Good Stuff, Too!!!
Ride to where the ride takes you.
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Desperado Revue Vol. 2


Song Comments

By Royal Decree
Good one guys.

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Pop Song

The Good Stuff, Too!!!
A requested listen that panned out nicely. Excellent dark pop tune.

Well, from a one-time two-cylinder John Deere driving old dirt farmer turned guitar picker songwriter country singer to another highly acclaimed Dirt Farmer - the T.O. based renowned songwriting recording duo of Scott Cryer and Rob Macdonald and their multi-talented producer/sound board mixer/master Wayne Lorenz, all I can say to begin with is why why why does it take so long sometimes to get to the real good stuff!! Well, I knew I was coming back here at least three weeks ago, right after I heard these guys on the Golden Kayak Nomination Station, along with a bunch of other great artists and songs that are on my list to get to eventually. Just a few short beats into "We've All Seen That Before" and you know exactly why Dirt Farmer should be on everybody's Search, Find & Play list - no pun intended. No time wasted here getting right down and dirty into this tune. No siree folks, get your top down real fast and turn this baby onto the freeway. This is wind in your hair road movie music a la Quentin Tarantino. Lyrics are infectious, penetrating and crafted with a perfect rolling early morning mist presence that quietly drifts through the trees, surrounding and taking you to a place of mystifying beauty. Honey smooth sweet sweet vocals and dueling rich desert smokin' Spanish Western acoustic guitars riding a pipeline wave of laid back percussion. This tune floats, glides and shimmers in the consummate style of easy listening pleasure. It's so good you can have it for dinner - dessert please if I'm being served. It's my choice tonight, and every night, for Legendary Music II. The Maple Leaf waves proudly here once again.

Road Movie..
Excellent atmospheric sad-eyed acoustic song with little shimmers of tremeloed guitar adding to the cinematic internal road-movie quality of this..The way the heart-melting hook just floats in here is great..

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