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Friday, June 22, 2007 7:33:50 AM
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007 2:09:41 AM
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Well oh hey
I’m so glad that you’re ok
I wouldn’t have it any other way
It’s been so long I’ve been away
So nice to see you again

A long time ago you seemed so disappointed
You wouldn’t look my way, acted like you were anointed
The king and the queen and the ruler of the world
You bellowed like a boy and you ignored me like a girl

Well oh hey
Those were dark and dirty days
That deadly toll you made me pay and pay
You left me nothing else to say
You took my breath away

One day you got me twisted round your finger like a snake
You sucker-punched my spirit, got my heart to bend and break
And then I heard the tag line and I understood the joke
You kneeled like a boy and like a girl you took the poke

It seems you don’t know
That you’re confused
Let’s clear it up now
With this…

Now the tables turn, you’re half-naked in your bed
You try to mess with my brain while i’m messing with your head
I’ll hope I never leave you, I’ll probably never stray
So do me like a boy and like a girl I’ll scream “oh hey!”

Well oh hey
I’m so glad that you’re all right
You know we’ll do it all thorugh the night
We’ll get messy out of sight
Now we see the light

Oh hey
Let’s have a filthy haggard night
I’m gonna slaughter you in bruises and bites
No use putting up a fight
Now you feel my might x
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tHe gArAgE
kinda interesting and slightly crazy and off the wall, fun listen

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