Muzzy LuctinRiver
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Friday, July 29, 2005 5:01:24 AM
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Thursday, August 10, 2006 1:38:44 PM
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A cool and slick pop/rock style of track with a dynamic production, heaps of guitar melody's and complimenting vocal harmoney's

copyright 2002 Fuzzybuttons Music Inc. - lyrics by Ken Thrift - music by Ken Thrift, Paul Schluter, Darren Soderholm and Michael Haefner

you used to come over - long black betty, heal my soul - what do we do now to solve it - when you're getting warm you cool me so - then you throw out your suicides, and say "hey, anybody looking? here i go" - throw me up in my face - how you make a poor man get so low

and you're so bad that i'm a river

you say you don't like me none - fool around with people i saw - turning the chain on the back of my neck - getting ready 'til somebody's home - but darling, if you don't know what to say - please, before i kiss my ghost - pull me down, it's a shame that it's something you'll never know

when you're so bad that i'm a river

supposed to be good to me - lay me down in my lungs - but it's over now, you say, you bet it is - i said i'm better now - that i'm a river - and you're so bad that i'm a river - so don't say you love me when the sun is something you want - when the sun is something - let the sun just burn you up...
Song Comments

Let 'em eat CAKE!!
Hey, ya wanna know what's KEWL in Wisconsin? It must be this. They have cows and cheese in Wisconsin....and the Dells.....and I guess they have guys with long hair who sing songs about girls who they'd like to score with but they know that they're just not cool enough.... I'd say that maybe you guys need to go bowling or something....

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