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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A powerful, epic rock song, heavy on the melodies and harmonies.

Marius Aasan - lyrics, composition and arrangement.
Marius Aasan - Drums and backing vocals
Kristoffer Ziegler - Vocals
Reza Sarmast - Guitars
Øystein Sootholtet - Bass, arrangement

Dusted aside with, sweet songs of promise;
Waiting for more...
And i heard a saying, stopping me from praying for
all, that i've lost...

This life, is so damn beautiful...
As i'm stuck here, with leeches
My hearts pumping weaker

She does not regret being played for a fool, by a man that she trusted, a man that she knew;
But who is to say, they won't do the same, for someone they love and adore,
Fragments of lust inconcieved by her trust, like a web of a spider in the mist of a dusk,
Restless and pale, a soul up for sale;
For anyone caring to bid.

And with all her time
Memories quite sublime
Dwells in past....
This lonely past...
And within her dreams
She can safely weep without the shame
This awful shame

Picture a place where the sun never shines
Where cockroaches scutter
As inmates decline
This is the place, we find her embraced
with all of the memories of him...

But she wont give up hope, even to wait for him, even to die for him...

Just tell me the truth
I dont want more lies
Cause every night
I dream of your eyes x
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