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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 6:16:37 AM
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:53:06 PM
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Smile About It
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REAL HARD Alternative
E Nox Noise
Wieners and Boozers
Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
The Good Stuff 4U
Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
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DONE with hurried punk speed in the studio for CHEAP, but still came out kinda cool. Peaked at number 1 in HARD ALTERNATIVE and made it to the TOP 10 of all genres.

BASS = DAVE, formerly of The Griswolds now: Tucson's DIRTEATER on MYSPACE;
Rhythm Guitar = MATT formerly of The Griswolds, BLUDGEON with PHLEGM NOW: DIRTEATER on MYSPACE;
LEAD Guitar = JASON formerly of The Griswolds, BLUDGEON NOW: Shoguns of Naverone on MYSPACE;
DRUMS = JEFF (one of Tucson's Busiest drummers ) Formerly of The Griswolds, BLUDGEON, and MANY others. His current MAIN project is DIRTEATER on MYSPACE.
MUSIC by MATT, JEFF, DAVE, JASON and Vocal Melody by PHLEGM.
Be sure and look up DIRTEATER one of TUCSON/PHOENIX areas coolest DIRT PUNK Workin' class bands!

RE-MIXED and mastered by Bradley Torrison with DARKSIDE RECORDINGS. HE's the man for both our old RE-MIX shite AND our NEW RECORDINGS from SCRATCH! Highly recommended if you're ever in the ARIZONA area.
Copyright 2010 Artfest Music & Conversation Suicide

verse 1:
I know this guy, a friend of mine, he only drinks pinesol & wine;
lives with his Mom, don't need a job, not clean enough to be a slob.
He borrowed my car and stole a TV,
passed out at the wheel, and so he had a little accident;
WRAPPED MY CAR AROUND a Mutha-fuckin' TREE....

3 sheets to the wind; he can survive
Pray to God, he makes it home alive aaahh-aahh AUUGHHHHHH !!!!

verse 2:
The cops took his license away, he still drives his car every day; his anarchy shows in what he does, "fuck the fascists and their laws".
If you see a red monte carlo Weavin',
spastically from the bar it's Leavin';
comin' towards ya really fast;
HE's and Anarchist that'll run over your fucking ASS !

CHORUS again / Outro
Song Comments

Phlegm Phavorites
Quick to the point and punky -Made it up to NO.1 in HARD Alternative Before slidin' back down the chart.

REAL HARD Alternative
PUNK ROCK as REAL HARD Alternative = yup. s'good & sloppy!

The Best of Conversation Suicide so far... on Romulus X Records... Brought to you by IAC...

E Nox Noise
this a fuckin drunkin riot man - tight ship brutha tight ship!!! did somebody say keep on rockin?

Wieners and Boozers
BOOZER, fer sure...

Smile About It
crazy a rocker...

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
This one has always been one of MY phavorites...

The Good Stuff 4U
Semi-Melodic hardcore from Phlegm and friends. I like hardcore. And this is fun. I think I'm on a hardcore kick recently. Because this is sounding good!!!

Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
Eat Stheedts and CHROWL, bastard, eat Stheedts and CHROWL!

"I know this guy a friend of mine..." DONE with hurried punk speed in the studio for CHEAP but still came out kinda cool. Peaked at number 1 in HARD ALTERNATIVE and made it to the TOP 20 of all genres

Everyone Else

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