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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Home Invasion is about the negative influences of televsion on society and how TV contributes to society's insatiable materialism and excess as people strive to live the extravagant lives of those that are portrayed on TV and piped into our homes 24/7. The song asks the question: Does TV merely portray what it sees in North-American society or is it presenting an ideal for society to mimic?

Music and word by Tom Scobie and Brad Wagner.
Tom Scobie: lead vocals
Brad Wagner: guitar, bass, drums and backing vocals

Here you come, blazing into my place
Electic and glowing skin
You're so persuasive, with your pretty face
You know that I'll let you in

Are you a reflection of my litte world
Or is it they other way?
Do you feel sorry for what I've become
So needy and greedy and vein

Home invasion
Not by force but gentle persuasion
Home invasion
Is it too late to just change the station?

I guess we're all actors, a few live a dream
and act out real life on cue
The rest live the chapters of real life it seems
and act out the dream of the few


You'll never see truth on a TV
We're missing the point trying to be
the pretenders
Material life has consumed you
If that's all you've found that's of value
Oh my God, we need some other vision

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eYe 5 EyE 5 eYe 5
rockers from canuckle land. great happening bass line raunchy guitar and killer percussion , great vocals

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