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Saturday, October 20, 2007 2:35:21 AM
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Sunday, March 04, 2012 7:09:37 PM
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 hasn't been the same since

guitar: Wenty Morris
bass: Jason P. Chesney
drums: Christopher Allis
piano, vocals: jen bye


All those little crimes, as small as they were they blew my mind
All those little crimes, they just added up and I did my time
And everything you said filled up my crazy little head
And I hung on to every breath; I fell so hard beside you in my bed

I haven’t been to heaven in years and it hasn’t been the same since

Maybe yesterday was a forgotten child no one would claim
Maybe yesterday I just lined them up to play my game
And now the table’s turned and I’m the one who’s getting burned
And now you’re riding on my wave and it’s not me, it’s you I want to save

I keep looking back at all the sins I tried to hide
I keep looking back and they’ve tainted everything in sight
And I’d do anything to cleanse you of my sting
And I will turn around and leave if you’d be better off without me

written by jen bye copyright 2007 SheWolf Publishing (ASCAP)

Song Comments

Indie Extravaganza
I'm not sure which site I first heard Jen on, but it was some time back and when I found her on one Steve April's stations, I stopped in for the full dose... you should too.

Mystery Too
always have a place for jen bye...her songs are always poignant full of depth and compelling.soulful and maybe hopeful? lots of truth here..... mystery of life.

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